Sunday, 7 August 2011

Paper vs electronic

I love reading, but in term time it is a real struggle to find the time.  To counter this I read in the bath quite a bit.  I have never dropped a book, but they can get rather soggy if you are not careful to dry your hands.  My choice of reading venue is one of the reasons I had never countenanced investing in a Kindle or similar e-reader.  I also liked to think of myself as a good old fashioned paper reader.

When I bought an iphone earlier this year I bought a few ibooks and used the kindle app.  Although the screen is small and backlit, I found I didn't really mind forgoing paper as a reading medium.  Then I saw my friend's Kindle... it is lightweight and even has a cover so it looks like a book.  I think the main attraction is that if you want a book you can get it almost instantly - no more going out to the book shop or waiting for a delivery to arrive.  I preordered the new Dresden file (Jim Butcher) and before I knew it, it appeared on my phone.

So, tomorrow I expect my delivery of a brand new Kindle and I shall join the legions of people I had never expected to be one of.  Some think e-readers may kill books, I think they will expand book sales - especially from online authors such as Sean Sweeney who don't rely on 'the system' to get published.  Now independent authors can offer their works at the click of a button alongside those who pay commission to the big boys at the major publishing houses.  However, what will need to evolve is the book shop - they will definitely need to rethink how they do business and how they sell books.  Book shops will have to consider how to get the e-reading population through their doors.

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