Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sneak Peek - PI4

This is the cover for PI4, so yes - now you know I am committed to writing it.  I was going to call it Risk, because there is a huge game of Risk involved - watch out for Al the Guardian Angel, I'm not sure he can be trusted to honour pacts.  It's new title is 'Into the Realm of the Fae' and I think you can guess from that what it might involve.  However, I intend to write something completely different before I move on to PI4, perhaps something historical which is my passion.  I love the past - perhaps that is why I made Leo a time traveller so I can live my time fantasies through her - should she ever master the skill that is.  Right - I can't hang around here all day, I have several chapters to attempt to finish.  Adieu.

Jane Austen

There is something very comforting about curling up and losing yourself in the world of Jane Austen.  I'm not one hundred per cent sure what it is: a bygone world of civility?  Stories where the good people always end up with the right outcomes?  A joyful romp through Regency England?  Whatever it is there are times where only Austen will do.  At the moment I am surrounded by boxes and bags as we pack up to move out of Leo's Cat Hill flat that has been our for three years.   It is not chaos, but it is not a comfortable environment at present.  Little wonder then I long to escape to the world of Miss Austen, the only question is which novel should I step into?  Old favourite Persuasion or perhaps one I am not so fond of, such as Mansfield Park?  Let me find my Kindle and choose...

Friday, 3 August 2012

The World of Paranormal Investigations (Cockfosters) - the Cat Hill Flat

Feline Court
As I am sure you know Leo lives in a tiny flat on Cat Hill in East Barnet.  I know this flat intimately because it's mine - at least it remains so for another sixteen days until I move out.  I have been on Cat Hill for three years and last November when I was looking for a fictional home for Leo it seemed the easiest thing to make mine her's - it saved on imagining a fictional place.  This is something I have done with almost all the settings in PI - they are all real and if you wanted to, you could do a little PI tour of Barnet and Cockfosters.

I chose my flat as the setting because I wrote PI1 for Nanowrimo last November; I was writing quickly and wanted to make my life as easy as possible in those thirty days.  There are aspects of my life in Leo's (although not all) and much of her background mirrors my own.
Trevor's culvert in the car park

It is a tiny flat and would be very crowded with all the strange visitors and family Leo has descend on her, so as I move it may also be time for Leo to move on.  I guess I'll just have to see how attached to the flat Leo is and whether I can make her part with it.  She has some money coming her way so it would be possible for her to move on - I just can't imagine her being anywhere without Bob across the hallway and that might be enough to make her stay as I move on.