Saturday, 18 February 2012


If you want to write and have a finished book to show for it this is my advice: don't stop!

I recently took a month off and this month ended up being six weeks long.  After writing daily since November 1st I was in danger of burn out. In two months I had written one and a half novels and needed a break.  January came and I had a delightful time not writing.  I didn't feel tied to the laptop, I didn't feel guilty if I spent my spare time doing something other than writing.  When February came I just couldn't get back into it.  Nothing motivated me to finish my novel.  Then I made myself start and it wasn't very good - I'm sure the resulting chapter is one I will have to go back and polish another time.  I couldn't remember what had already happened and who was called what.  I couldn't remember who put cookies in Tupperware and who used tins.

Last night I stopped writing and re-read the book so far, editing out errors as I found them.  I corrected the Tupperware for tins and checked I hadn't already given Colin Maitland another name.  I was relieved, as well, that it wasn't too shoddy.

So my advice to you is to write everyday until the work is done.  This is the advice I shall be following myself in future and maybe my breaks will be between novels, not in the middle of them.

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