Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Procrastination

I am great at finding excuses not to write and it seems these days there are so many reasons not to.  If I am in the midst of an exciting chapter I can't be torn away from it, but if I've had an enforced break (such as the workload for my day job becomes all consuming) and I am in a 'bridge' chapter it is really hard to get back into it.  

I call a 'bridge' chapter one that doesn't tell much story in itself, but it is an important bridge to other parts of the story.  It is sometimes hard to find the word count and I often doubt the worth of the book at these points.

Today there is another option for procrastination to join the usual (Facebook, Twitter, doing the laundry, washing up, writing a blog, etc, etc) - the Olympics!  Last night my sleepy eyes were glued to the Opening Ceremony and today I just cannot tear myself away from the rowing and swimming heats and the cycling road race.  How is it possible for a human being to cycle 156 miles and still manage a sprint finish?  Amazing.

So now I shall get back to pretending to write whilst most of my attention is given to these amazing athletes of London 2012.  I wonder how long it is before some unconscious aspect of the Olympics slips into PI3?

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