Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sneak Peek - PI4

This is the cover for PI4, so yes - now you know I am committed to writing it.  I was going to call it Risk, because there is a huge game of Risk involved - watch out for Al the Guardian Angel, I'm not sure he can be trusted to honour pacts.  It's new title is 'Into the Realm of the Fae' and I think you can guess from that what it might involve.  However, I intend to write something completely different before I move on to PI4, perhaps something historical which is my passion.  I love the past - perhaps that is why I made Leo a time traveller so I can live my time fantasies through her - should she ever master the skill that is.  Right - I can't hang around here all day, I have several chapters to attempt to finish.  Adieu.

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  1. People don't always honour pacts in Risk? I'm shocked and appalled.