Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Old Project

Four months to the day, I finished Cracked Glass. Four months is quite a long time for me to spend on the first draft of a novel, but Cracked Glass ended up being 125 000 words long. Or about 15 000 words too long for the Young Adult genre.

What did I learn in writing Cracked Glass? Characters enjoy being given free rein. Research can be done 'on the go'. It helps me having someone read chapter by chapter as I go, it motivated me when I had doubts.

Since October 10th I spent a week twiddling my thumbs, read a book and finally got around to those necessities of finishing a novel - a covering letter and synopsis. In fact, I've written two synopsises as I woke up one day thinking the first wasn't exciting enough.

And all done in time for Nanowrimo which starts in a week.

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